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Get to know your federation reps

Get to know
your reps

Executive Committee

Alexandra Koslock (She/Her)



Sanjam Panag (She/Her)

Deputy Chairperson


Marie Paule Ehoussou (She/Her)



Meet Your 2021-2022 - Provincial Executive Representatives!

Francisca Idigbe (She/Her)

Womens’ Co-Commissioners

Berrigan Miller Harms (She/They)

Womens’ Co-Commissioners

Karla Atanacio (She/Her)

Racialized Students’ Co-Commissioners

Rory Ellis (He/Him)

Part-Time and Mature Students’ Commissioner

Fortune Eboh (He/Him)

Black Students’ Co-Commissioners

Larissa Ngara (She/Her)

Black Students’ Co-Commissioners

Justin Langan (He/Him)

Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students’ Co-Commissioners

Carlie Kane (She/Her)

Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students’ Co-Commissioners

Sandrine Djark (She/Her)

Francophone Students’ Commissioner

Dane Monkman (He/Him)

Graduate Students’ Commissioner

Deanna Garand (She/Her)

Circle Women’s, Two-Sprit, Trans, Non-Binary Students’ Commissioner

Olufunke Sophia Adeleye (She/Her)

Local 37 – BUSU Representative

Simon Boily (He/Him)

Local 38 – AEUSB Representative

Jonathan Henderson (He/Him)

Local 08 – UWSA Representative

Alexia Walters (She/Her)

International Students’ Commissioner

Mon Francis Obtial (They/Them)

Racialized Students’ Co-Commissioners

Brendan Scott (He/Him)

Local 103 - UMSU Representative


Judith Oviosun (She/Her)

Communities Engagement Officer


Julius Chester (He/Him)

Manitoba Organizer


The following Commissioners positions are vacant for the 2021-2022 academic year. Contact chair@cfsmb.ca if you are interested in becoming appointed to any of the following positions on the CFSMB Provincial Executive:

  • Queer Students’ Commissioner
  • 2Spirit + Trans Commissioner
  • Disability Justice Commissioner

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