Black Students

Black Students Caucus

The Black Students’ Caucus is a living national movement representing the thousands of Black students across Canada.

We unite, formally through meetings of the Federation and informally through a nationwide network of Black student leaders, to discuss issues pertaining to the realities and experiences of Black students within post-secondary education and in community.

As a movement, our priority is to advocate for the interests of all Black students at the national and international levels. Through collective community awareness on intersectional realities within the Black diaspora, the Black Caucus is unapologetically, relentlessly and progressively centered on Black unity and liberation.

Representative Structure

The Black Caucus meets at the National General Meetings of the Federation and at specially called meetings, to discuss issues relevant to the Black student experience. We formulate strategies, policies, and campaigns through the Federation to combat anti-Blackness on our campuses. In between meetings, we stay connected through our National Black Students Network, which promotes communication between Black student leaders throughout the country.

Every year, the Caucus elects a chairperson who leads and carries out the vision of the Caucus and a representative who acts as a spokesperson and guide for the group and sits on the National Executive.