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The Canadian Federation of Students was formed in 1981 to provide students with a united and effective voice both provincially and nationally. At the time, it was recognized that for students to be truly effective in representing their collective interests to the government it was vital to unite under one banner.

Now with over 500,000 members represented by more than 60 local students’ unions, the Canadian Federation of Students is the largest voice for post-secondary students in Canada. Manitoba’s five-member locals unite over 45,000 full- and part-time students.

In Canada, universities are funded primarily by the federal government and administered exclusively by the provincial government. As such, government policies and priorities at both levels determine the quality, affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education.Tuition fees, student financial assistance programs indigenous student funding and funding for research are all determined either directly or indirectly by both levels of government. For this reason, it’s vital that students organize collectively at both the provincial and national levels to ensure students’ rights and concerns are fully represented.

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"We are demanding that the government work with the regional health authorities to reduce the non-resident health care surcharge back down from 200% to 75% immediately and commit to re-instating funding for international student healthcare in the 2020/21 provincial budget. This decision to cut health care and increase the cost of premiums forces international students in Manitoba to pay among ...
Today, and every day of the year, it is important that we recognize the negative impacts that colonization has had on the progression of Indigenous people. It is imperative that settlers and arivants on this land reflect on the way they have been complicit in and often benefited from colonization, as well as find ways to support the voice, needs ...

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